Dear Friends,

After growing up all over the world, Sarah now finds herself residing in the beautiful state of South Carolina. She embraces life as a South Carolinian and is actively involved in a variety of community programs and theater. She enjoys volunteering with her alma mater the University of South Carolina and singing at college graduations.

She is daily reminded of the delicate balance of Mother Nature and God when she drives to her job with a family-owned, grower and shipper of produce.  Sarah’s thrilled to have her own family close as she can help them at church and with their own family business.  One of her closest friends is her little brother, Andrew but the love of her life and best friend is husband, Daniel. 

Together they look forward to a lifetime of traveling, laughter, music, and time with their precious Sheltie Max, and the two cats her husband won’t claim in public.   

What started as a dream has now become a reality for a life-changing opportunity.  Recently I was crowned your Mrs. South Carolina United States!  It all seems to be happening so fast, but it is wonderful.  After having the title only for a few months I have already be able to attend events and book future appearances to meet adults and children, and really let them see how a normal, average, young woman can begin accomplishing great things.  I have an overwhelming sense of pride every time I’m able to represent our great state and influence one shining life at a time. 

Respectfully Your Friend and State Representative,
Mrs. South Carolina United States 2011

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