I have always believed in overall health, wellness, and being well rounded.  As Mrs. South Carolina I have a platform of childhood nutrition and fighting obesity.  Obesity is an epidemic that is devastating our country and billions of healthcare dollars will be spent on diabetes, heart disease, and other complications that come with this sad trend.    We have the power to change this though! 

Through educating and creative marketing campaigns we can target children and parents on not only the benefits of healthy eating but allow them to have fun while learning together.  Small steps involving simple lifestyle changes can make each family healthier and happier one meal at a time.  By embracing these changes as a culture we are ensuring that future generations will have the tools necessary to make healthy lifestyle decisions.  This is also amazing timing as the first lady herself has a Let’s Move campaign that fits in so well with what we are trying to accomplish.  To partner this with allowing healthier choices in school meals we will be laying a healthy and fruitful foundation for our children.

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